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Hawthorne Inn was hopping Saturday night, Oct 6th..lots of good people and friends we haven't seen in a while..
Nancy enjoying all the hugs we get from our friends!


Speaking of friends..looks like someone is sitting in their living room..but's the little back room at the Hawthorne Inn where Tom,  Shirley, Joan and Jim came to visit.
There just wasn't enough seating in the main room..(sorry guys...) They finally got to sit with the rest of the crowd, but not until the end of the last set..cheeze!


Nancy yet again...this time attempting to break Mark's leg..(it ain't gonna happen Nan..)
Looks to me like Mark's loving it...!!!


Nick and crew at A Joseph's restaurant in Thomaston..he was tempted to sit on Mark's wife's Karen's lap...but was afraid his boney butt might hurt her!!
April and Eric seem amused in the background..they know we're just crazy...Mustang Sally anyone?


Talk about coming out to the clubs young!!!
This little guy was soooo cute..he came up to Nancy and asked her to dance..
Wish we had a shot of that!!


Hi Dave and Dorthy....!! Thank you for all your support and dedication too!!!
We love you guys!!  Nick & Nancy..


Someone we know below is getting married.....!!!!
Coolness, Jess and Janet...we'll be there!! With bells on!!







A special treat for us and Mr Augustine, a good friend and father of our friend Carol Passarelli (Augustine).
Per his request, we performed for his Adult Center in Middletown and had a wonderful time seeing them dance and smile as much as they did.
So, our hats off to you, Mr Henry Augustine..Nick & Nancy


He's just a dancing machine...