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Hello to March and all of you!  February always goes by so quickly and as we haven't have too much winter weather, it's seemingly Spring already.  Supposed to get nippy starting tomorrow though.  We can take it!!  We are New Englanders!!  Woot, woot!!!


The best part of this time of year is the daylight staying around longer.  We are enjoying looking out the window as we are writing this...noooo snowwww!!


Have a lovely, chilly, sunny, cloudy, rainy, windy, warm month, and all that comes with it!  We will be thinking of you!


Nick & Nancy





What a month!  Three birthday parties, a retirement party and a christening!   Those, along with lot's of music for our seniors, many new places to play and many new bookings.  Is it time to slow down yet???   ...noooooo!


We keep thinking that 12 bookings a month will do.  That's a nice number.  A dozen...two half dozens...three a week. doesn't always turn out as planned, does it?  Does anything?  :)  Sometimes they are during the day, and sometimes at night.  Sometimes there are two in one day on opposite ends of the state, and sometimes there are three (thank goodness not too often!)  Most of the time they are in CT...sometimes New York, Massachusetts or Rhode Island...and sometimes even North Carolina!  Maybe it's time to get one overseas :)  We'll have to talk to our connections across the pond...haha!


No matter what time they are, or where they are....we are still having fun!  When that stops...I guess that's when we do!


Thank you to all of the wonderful people we met this month.  Jack...such a pleasure to do your party in West Haven.  What a great view of the water.  You are truly blessed with your beautiful, kind daughters who would do this for you!  I loved your Kings hat!!  You were indeed, King for a day!  


Sean...enjoy your retirement abroad.  Now we have yet another place to visit...!  We have never had the pleasure of going there (sorry...we can't sayyyyy!) although a friend of ours has and says we would love the music!  (Can we stay in your house in Greenwich until it's sold? We won't have any parties...well...maybe just one!)  (We also got to meet one outstanding person whom we've always admired over the years...maybe he can some to the partyyyy!)


Sophia looked liked an angel in her christening gown.  All that was missing were the wings!  The day was beautiful...just like her!  Now, THAT was a celebration!

Too bad she won't remember a thing...even the clown (But Nancy will......arghhhhh!!)


Neal....we hope your birthday was everything you'd hope it would always were the life of the party and that will continue to be!  (Now take that lampshade off of your head!!  Why?  Because It didn't match your outfit!!) How many birthdays’ parties serve lobsters and sushi???  This one!!!  Nancy wouldn't leave the buffet table :)  How is a girl supposed to lose weight??


Per usual, a huge thank you every month to the senior facilities we play and the great people that book the entertainment, the wonderful people who take care of the lovely residents and the kindness shown to us whilst we are there entertaining.







50's Dinner Dance, Coveleigh Club Rye, NY


For the Pickwick Club

Private Function

(A big thank you to our friend Lew!  Let's Shake, Rattle and Roll!!)




Private event





Private Party

New Britain

(Thanks Anna!)




Private Bday Party for Kent!





Small Town Gamblers w/Nick playing keyboard and Nancy doing live sound....come on down!!)

Friends Cafe Restaurant and Bar

15 North Liberty Street



9:00pm-1:00am (Yikes!!!!)

They club owners need 90+ people there!  Shouldn't be a problem! 




Small Town Gamblers

Testa’s Banquet Hall, Southington, CT for the American Legion Auxiliary Kiltonic Unit # 72 Dance. 6:30-10:30pm









Reunion Party

(a bunch of fiends who have never lost touch(through snail mail, email, phone, etc) that lived in the same neighborhood in Brooklyn in years gone by!!)

We are really looking forward do this!!  They have relocated all over the globe and are coming back home just for this event!  Bring the tissues! Boxes of them (mostly for Nancy!)

Brooklyn, NY







(Thanks Colleen!)






(Thanks Jeanne!)





50's party(boy are they popular now!)


(Thanks Donna!)





Happy Anniversaryyyy to Jen and Herman!







(You are a doll, Maria!  Looking forward to seeing you and Dee...will miss Lisa a lot!!)






(Thanks to the other Anna!)



If you're planning an event, whether it is a Birthday, Anniversary, Wedding or just a party for the fun of it, please think of us for your entertainment needs. We would love to be there for you!   **As you know, we also play many assisted living homes, Senior Centers, Senior Day Clubs, Nursing/Rehab establishments and Convalescent Homes, plus group homes as well and we LOVE it!!**


**If anyone is interested in a 7-piece band, you can contact us to book " Small Town Gamblers" also!  If you are interested, there are many videos of them posted on You Tube!  And remember...Nancy is doing live sound for them so she and Nick will both be there!!** Come see us!


We are also involved in a production company called Starcina Productions at ;

We are creating original songs in an effort to secure soundtracks for movies, TV and individual artists, plus we write special songs for events and parties if requested.


There are sometimes changes in schedule, and we will inform you as soon as we receive the news!

If you would like to discontinue receiving this schedule, please email us with the word unsubscribe and we will take you off of our list.


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